You are THE ONE if the following describes you:

love makeup

Must. Love. Makeup (duh)!

love instagram facebook tiktok

people person. highly motivated & involved on campus

think outside of box

creative mindset & resourceful


reliable & proven leadership abilities

We pride ourselves to be a breakthrough collaborative brand that embodies the energy, excitement, and creativity of life. To strengthen our connection to campus, we are launching the Campus Ambassador Program that gives career-focused students (YOU!) the opportunity to gain real-life experience (yay! bring it on!)

M2U NYC Campus Ambassadors


  • They have an "always on" mentality—so it's only natural that they're frequently posting pics on their social media channels—raising brand awareness both on their campus and throughout their local community.

  • They are creatives. They participate in makeup challenges and share beauty tips (because girls are always looking for major campus inspo!)

  • M2U NYC will host on-campus pop up stores throughout the year, and Campus Reps get to generate and drive traffic. In addition to being the masters of planning and organization, our Campus Reps help promote the brand on campus and encourage new member acquisition—because who doesn’t like sweet deals, surprises, and exclusive products?!

  • Sharing their opinions and insights about what’s cool and trending is super important to our Ambassadors. They get to influence product by communicating with M2U NYC leadership through meetings and surveys. Our Campus Reps are always in the know; they chat with other brand ambassadors and share their ideas, feedback, and support.

Ready to have it all?

be a M2U NYC Campus Ambassador and let the fun begin!

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