July 6 2020

Top 5 M2U NYC Products You'll Want to Have as a Beginner in Makeup

Makeup on budget

Ihave a confession.

I didn’t do my own makeup until I was 17.

That might seem like a reasonable age to some of you. But to this new generation of 13 and 14-year-old makeup gurus, that’s downright embarrassing.

I just had no idea what I was doing when it came to eyeshadow. So, every time I needed my makeup done, I’d go over to my best friend’s house, sit on her bed, and wait for the magic to happen.

She knew right off the bat which colors to use to match the look I wanted.

Once she primed my eyelids, she’d take out her palettes and get to work.

If I wanted a casual vibe, she’d sprinkle on some gentle, mellow earth tones. She never used glitter shadows here — these shades were exclusively matte.

And on the nights I was feeling bold, she’d layer on deep coffee browns and those intense, rich shimmers.

I was shocked at how quickly she identified the perfect brush between the countless ones in her makeup bag. And I watched in awe as she gently blew excess shadow from that same brush before sweeping it onto my lids.

But what really impressed me was how softly and skillfully she blended each color together — it was impossible to tell where the first color ended and the second one began.

When she was finished, I’d run over to the mirror, eager to see what masterpiece she’d created that time.

I was never disappointed in her work.

I’d go home and try to recreate the looks myself, closely following each step she’d shown me.

And somehow, I always ended up looking like I had smeared dirt onto my eyes.

Even with the easy makeup looks, I could never get it right.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter if you’re 15 or 25 — stepping into the world of makeup can be trickier than you’d expect.

So let's start simple. A breezy, everyday makeup look. Curating an everyday routine at first to master the makeup basics is what really sets you up for success.

And with our affordable, vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free makeup, M2U NYC is a kickass brand for you to start with.

Here, I’ve created a list of five easy-to-use M2U NYC products: what they’re for and why they’re essential to any beginner’s beauty bag. 

Your Quick and Easy Guide on Makeup for Beginners

makeup for beginners

Pressed powder.

Some might say foundation, but I recommend starting lighter. Foundation can become a splotchy, cakey mess super fast. Not to mention it takes forever to find the perfect shade.

The purpose of pressed powder is to:

● Blur imperfections

● Even out your skin tone

● Serve as a simple, lightweight base

● Mattify the parts of your face that tend to produce more oil

Pressed powder is the ideal product for a beginner’s base. Just take a brush, tap some on, and you’ve got smooth looking skin all day.

Product: Our Perfecting Powder has seriously revolutionized my entire daily makeup routine. It’s lightweight, has incredible coverage, and blurs out my oil like no other. And at $11 a pop, you really can’t beat it.

Pro tip: Pick up our Powder Brush ($8) to easily apply your new powder. It’s simple and delicate, and the soft bristles are really gentle on the skin. 

Beginner in Makeup


This is my favorite part of my beauty routine. Seriously. It’s such an easy way to take your whole look up a notch.

Blush is used for:

● Creating a healthy-looking flush

● Getting those glowing, rosy cheeks for a sweet, classy feel

● Brightening your face

● Sculpting your cheekbones

Personally, I like to apply blush on the tip of my nose — as well as my cheeks — to add some extra sweetness and sass.

Now, make sure you don’t get carried away with the application. You don’t want to walk around looking like you just ran a marathon.

Product: Instead of going for a traditional powder blush, you can dip your toe into the modern side of makeup with our hydrating Cream Blush ($9). Cream blushes are generally more lightweight, which gives a more dewy, natural-looking flush. Depending on the intensity of color you’re going for, you can blend it out with a brush or your fingers. It’s a quick way to add brilliant color to your cheeks.

Beginner in Makeup


Wanna look cute as a damn button all day with almost zero effort? Invest in a highlighter.

Use highlighter to:

● Illuminate your skin

● Add depth and definition to your face

● Elevate your cheekbones

● Make your lips look plumper (when applied above and below your mouth)

You can’t really go wrong when it comes to highlighter. Unless you’re like, packing it on.

I apply my highlight along my cheekbones (above my blush), at the tip of my nose, and above my upper lip. Just a little bit of shimmer changes my entire look and mood.

Product: Get an awesome natural glow with our Luminizer ($7). As a liquid highlighter it’s more subtle, and gives a dewy, delicate shine. Complete with a super sheer color of your choice and baby, you’re golden. Literally.

Pro tip: If you’re looking for a more universal highlighter, our Jelly Highlighter ($11) is your solution. Its unique shade goes well with all skin tones. This one’s super pigmented, so a little goes a long way. 

Beginner in Makeup


Having one neutral and one bold lip color is definitely the way to go. Natural pinks or nudes are ideal for daily wear. And when you need a little extra confidence, whip out that deep, rich red.

Lipstick can:

● Make you look more awake

● Polish your overall look (make you seem more put together)

● Boost your confidence

● Enhance lips and make them look bigger

Trust me. Once you find your signature shades, you’ll feel on top of the world whenever you’ve got them on. Make sure to take into account what colors are in the clothes you typically wear. Nothing feels worse than coming home with a brand new lipstick and realizing it clashes with half of your wardrobe.

Product: Our Moisturizing Lipstick ($7) is an overall fan-favorite, and for good reason. It’s highly pigmented, lightweight, and creamy — your lips will always be comfortably colored.

When I was getting into makeup, it was hard to find lipstick with a good formula. The ones I tried would stretch and dry out my lips throughout the day. I got so sick of it.

With ours, you won’t have to face that same fate. 

eyeshadow palette for Beginner


Now, eyeshadow can be a difficult hurdle. But with the right palette, you can look like you know what you’re doing (without really having a clue).

With eyeshadow, you can:

● Add dimension to your eyes

● Make your eyes look larger

● Compliment your eye color

● Draw more attention to your eyes

Look, my relationship with shadow was rocky at first. But that’s because I made it way harder than it actually was. For your day-to-day look, all you need is a nude base color all over the lid, a deeper neutral in the crease, and maybe some light sparkle on top.

Product: My absolute favorite beginner palette is our BKB Eyeshadow Palette ($12). With six beautifully neutral options — in both matte and shimmer finishes — these shadows are perfect for beginners.

Again, you only really need three simple tones to start with. But if you wanna start experimenting, this palette has your back with three additional colors.

Pro tip: If you have no idea where to start when picking the right eyeshadow brushes, check out our Eyeshadow Brush Set ($10). You’ll get the smudge brush for blending and the all-over shadow brush for applying the base tones. With these, creating easy eyeshadow looks is a breeze. 

So, welcome to the world of makeup. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as the masters make it seem.

But with your brand new makeup bag full of these beginner-friendly products, you’ll soon be a pro.

We love to see the looks you create with M2U NYC products! Go ahead and share them on your socials, tag us @m2unyc, and use the hashtag #m2unyc.

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hand holding the compact perfecting powder in white packaging
hand holding the compact perfecting powder in white packaging
girl and man both smiling each holding one compact perfecting powder
girl and man wearing perfecting powder smiling and leaning onto each other's heads
four open perfecting powder compacts in four shades with mirrors and one closed
four open perfecting powder compact in four shades with mirrors and two closed
two perfecting powder compacts in shade translucent, one open and one closed
two perfecting powder compacts in shade light, one open and one closed
two perfecting powder compacts in shade medium, one open and one closed
two perfecting powder compacts in shade dark, one open and one closed

Perfecting Powder


Get softly matte skin and make the day yours with our silky smooth Perfecting Powder.

Apply on your bare skin for a picture-perfect look that lasts all day. Or tap it over your foundation base before your night on the town to lock it in.

In a rush? We’ve got your back. Make sure you’re fully blended out using the convenient mirror inside. Don’t worry, our mirrors are actually big enough — you’ll be able to see more than just your eyeball.

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hand holding a vegan, cruelty free cream blush stick
hand holding a vegan, cruelty free cream blush stick
girl holding a cream blush stick applying profuct on face
smiling girl showing her side cheek applied with cream blush in shade hot
girl holding a stick cream blush looking up and smile
girl wearing cream blush in shade spring dust looking aside with a big smile
three opened cream blush sticks and caps aligned on two diagonal lines
rolled-up cream blush stick in shade spring dust with the cap beside it
rolled-up cream blush stick in shade fairy with the cap beside it
rolled-up cream blush stick in shade hot with the cap beside it
color swatches of cream blush sticks in three shades, from hot to spring dust
cream blush on cheek and lip

Cream Blush (Multi Stick)


Effortless beauty is at your fingertips.

Use our velvety Cream Blush to get a sweet, natural-looking flush.

Choose from our three beautiful tones to get your glowing cheeks. Blend it out with a brush for a lighter, breezy shade, or go at it with your fingers for richer color.

This blush is highly pigmented, so a little goes a long way. With our unique formula, you can also use this stick to give your lips a quick tint!

Lightweight and compact, our Cream Blush multi-use stick is a must-have for your beauty bag.

hand holding pearl color liquid highlighter in a small tube
hand holding pearl color liquid highlighter in a small tube
smiling girl looking down holding two tubes of liquid highlighter in two different shades
winky smiling girl wearing rose gold liquid highlighter poking her nose
four tubes of liquid highlighter in different shades lying in a circle
color swatches of liquid highlighter in four shades from moon to mermaid tears



This fluid format highlighter blends seamlessly on to cheekbones for a dewy, ethereal glow with a pearly and luminescent finish. It can also be blended with your favorite foundation to achieve all-over flawless, shimmer skin looks for your special occasions.

hand holding a vegan, cruelty free moisturizing lipstick in white packaging
hand holding a vegan, cruelty free moisturizing lipstick in white packaging
girl looking up pouting her lips holding red moisturizing lipstick toward the lips
winky smiling girl wearing moisturizing lipstick in shade uptown
ten moisturizing lipsticks in different shades lying down in two horizontal lines with nyc themed blocks in the middle
red lipstick on influencer, shade Everyday is Christmas
brown nude lipstick on lips
color swatches of moisturizing lipstick in ten shades from light to dark
moisturizing lipstick in shade Born with Shine (nude)
moisturizing lipstick in shade Bubble Gum (Barbie pink)
moisturizing lipstick in shad orange juice (orange)
moisturizing lipstick in shade Mocha  (brown nude))
moisturizing lipstick in shade Dumbo (red bean)
moisturizing lipstick in shade Milk Tea (brick red))
moisturizing lipstick in shade Uptown (scarlet red)
moisturizing lipstick in shade Lower East (purple plum))
moisturizing lipstick in shade wine (red wine)
moisturizing lipstick in shade Everyday is Christmas (carmine red)

Moisturizing Lipstick


Highly pigmented shine lipstick in 10 easy-to-wear shades, from nude to deep wine and other lovely shades in between. Get beautifully hydrated and pigmented lips with a luscious shine!

two of the same neutral six shade eyeshadow palette-BKB, one open one closed
two of the same neutral six shade eyeshadow palette-BKB, one open one closed
brooklyn bridge inspired eyeshadow palette sitting among pink sprinkles and under a new york taxi toy car
color swatches of the six shade eyeshadow palette-BKB, from light to dark
model with natural eyeshadows
model with natural eyeshadows

Eyeshadow Palette - BKB


If you’re looking for subtle, classy beauty, guess what. You’ve found it.

With the breezy, graceful looks you can create with our BKB palette, you’re guaranteed to turn heads every day, anywhere you go.

Our insanely smooth and pigmented formula allows for a radiant, blendable, and even application. It’s also gentle on sensitive skin!

This palette offers versatile finishes — both matte and shimmer — to always match your spirit. And with six beautifully neutral options, these shadows are made to be used for your every-day eye looks.

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