May 26 2022

7 of the Best Summer Makeup Ideas for 2022

Summer makeup ideas

Summer is finally here and makeup is undeniably back. (It’s about time!) 

From Euphoria-inspired eye gems to the resurgence of Y2K beauty, it’s time to kick the makeup game up a notch. 

This summer is going to be chock-full of different looks. From bright colors to an all-natural vibe, the current makeup trends all point to one thing: making you look and feel like your best self.

If you’re not sure where to start with your summer makeup journey, we’re here to help. We checked out the latest crazes in the beauty world and hand-picked 7 looks we think will stick around for a while. Not to mention they’ll look good on anyone.

And with our products, you can get all this beauty on one hell of a budget.

Bright, colored liner

colored eyeliner, M2U NYC eye crayons

Like we mentioned in our eyeliner trends piece, colored liner is super in right now.

So put down your black pencil for the summer. Pick up a bold blue, green, silver or pink instead. Live a little!

Our Eye Crayons ($6) are perfect for creating colorful, defined lines on your lids. And with their pearly finish, you’ll get a little twinkle in the sun, too.

A little tip: choose shades that compliment your eye color. That way you can make sure whatever vivid color you go for, you won’t dull your natural eyes

Glowy skin

glowy skin, M2U NYC luminizer

Natural-looking, dewy skin is the way to go these days.

Recently, a lot of people are going with a “less is more” vibe when it comes to makeup. Makeup is supposed to enhance your natural beauty, not cover it!

So this summer, show a little (natural) skin.

Grab our Luminizer ($7) for a subtle, angelic glow. The formula melts right into your skin, making it look totally natural. Wear it directly on your skin, with a tinted moisturizer, or on top of your foundation.

It’s so lightweight, you’ll forget you even have it on.

Statement Lips

M2U NYC metallic liquid lips

Metallic makeup is taking the beauty world by storm.

Futuristic and fun, this trend is for those with a bit of a wild side and a love for the spotlight. It’s pretty hard to go unnoticed when you look like you’re dripping in liquid rose gold.

Make a statement this summer with our Metallic Liquid Lip ($8). Long-lasting and smudge-proof, this liquid lip comes in 10 day-and-night-ready shades that you can wear all summer long.

Pro tip: to really show off this lippie, keep the rest of your makeup light — it’ll keep the focus on your mouth and give your lips the attention they deserve!

Colorful pastel eyeshadow

M2U NYC lady liberty eyeshadow palette

Right now, it’s all about a soft pop of color.

Pastel eyeshadows are perfect for brightening up your eyes. Pale bold colors, like baby blue and lilac, are a happy medium between neutral looks and full-on glam. And they look stunning in the summer sun.

Try our Lady Liberty Palette ($12) for your pastel shadow looks. The warm, orangey tones mixed with the burst of blue create a beachy, sun-kissed glow on your eyelids.

With our buildable formula, you can go as light or bright as you want with these shadows. But for a pastel look, be sure to use a light hand — if it’s too dark, you’ll end up with an 80s vibe.

Psst — you can recreate this look of @lanacondor to a T. Use the shade “Liberty” on your lid and as a winged eyeliner, and add “Waffle” in your crease!

Minimalist Glam Lashes

M2U NYC eyelash falsies

A lot of people are sticking to the no-makeup-makeup look this season. Instead of going all-out with dramatic falsies, go for a lengthening and volumizing mascara — one that adds that extra oomph without going over the top.

There’s definitely a time and place for dramatic lashes. But it’s looking like this summer is all about a more natural lash look.

Our Everyday Volumizing + Lengthening Mascara's ($10) unique technique delivers long lasting volume that won't smudge or flake, to ensure a lengthening, wide-awake effect.

This baby gives your eyes a dreamy look no one can refuse.

Glossy lips

M2U NYC glossy lips

In line with the theme of “going natural” this summer, lip gloss is making a huge comeback.

High shine glosses make lips look plump, moisturized, and full of color. Even if you go for a clear gloss, the natural color of your lips will look more vibrant.

Our weightless, non-sticky Lip Gloss ($8) should be a staple in your summer routine. Each shade takes your look to a whole new level with its crystal-clear, glassy finish.

Glossy lips are cute, flirty, and go with literally any makeup look. So, whether you dress up or down, your pout will be totally irresistible.

Rosy cheeks

M2U NYC cream blush

Make it look like you’ve been out in the sun all day — even if you haven’t.

Blushed cheeks are one of the most important parts of your makeup look. It can make your skin look dewy, fresh, and healthier overall.

Incredibly pigmented and mildly shimmery, our Cream Blush ($9) blends into skin, giving your cheeks a golden-hour glow that’s perfect for the summertime.

The creamy formula is super builable, so you can wear it as faint or intense as you want. Wear it on bare skin or over your foundation for an effortless, breezy look.

If all else fails, turn to blush. It’s a classy, romantic, guaranteed win.

Whether you go full glam or more natural this summer, go all out. It’s time to show the world your face again!

Make it unforgettable.

We’re so excited to check out the summer looks you create with your M2U NYC products. Be sure to upload pics to socials, tag us @m2unyc and add the hashtag #m2unyc


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Eye Crayon
Eye Crayon
two hands holding five eye crayon sticks in different shades
Eye Crayon
Eye Crayon
full collection of eye crayons aligning with statue of liberty
man with his eyes closed applying eye crayon in shade electric blue
green eyeshadow crayon on dark skin girl
Copper color eye crayon eyeshadow on eyes
blue eyeshadow crayon on dark skin girl
burgundy eye crayon eyeshadow on Asian girl
Eye Crayon
Eye Crayon
Eye Crayon
sliver eye crayon eyeshadow on face
pencil-like eyeshadow crayon in shade pearl st
pencil-like eyeshadow crayon in shade champagne
pencil-like eyeshadow crayon in shade copper storm
pencil-like eyeshadow crayon in shade burgundy
pencil-like eyeshadow crayon in shade passionate pink
pencil-like eyeshadow crayon in shade electric blue
pencil-like eyeshadow crayon in shade silver
green pencil-like eyeshadow crayon in shade greenwich v
color swatches of eight colorful eye crayons, from pearl st to greenwich v
Eye Crayon
Eye Crayon
Eye Crayon

Eye Crayon


We’ve made the perfect pearly shimmer for your eyelids.

Our creamy, lustrous crayon eyeshadow creates a dream-like glow on your eyelids for incredible shine — that lasts until the end of your day.

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Everyday Volumizing + Lengthening Mascara
Everyday Volumizing + Lengthening Mascara
Everyday Volumizing + Lengthening Mascara
Everyday Volumizing + Lengthening Mascara
Everyday Volumizing + Lengthening Mascara
Everyday Volumizing + Lengthening Mascara
Everyday Volumizing + Lengthening Mascara
Everyday Volumizing + Lengthening Mascara
Everyday Volumizing + Lengthening Mascara
Everyday Volumizing + Lengthening Mascara
Everyday Volumizing + Lengthening Mascara

Everyday Volumizing + Lengthening Mascara


Looking for a perfect Everyday lash look with heightened length and volume? That lasts all day and doesn’t flake, smudge or run? With our new Everyday Volumizing + Lengthening Mascara’s innovative tubing formula, you can have it all!

two of the same six pastel shade eyeshadow palette-lady liberty, one open one closed
two of the same six pastel shade eyeshadow palette-lady liberty, one open one closed
statue of liberty inspired eyeshadow palette sitting among blue sprinkles and two snow globes
 two girls with big smile and a wink holding concrete jungle and lady liberty eyeshadow palettes respectively
color swatches of the six shade eyeshadow palette- lady liberty, from light to dark
model with blue eyeshadow
black model with blue eyeshadow
Asian model with red eyeshadow

Eyeshadow Palette - Lady Liberty


With 6 alluring tones, including vivid bursts of blue and orange, go out (or in) with a bang everywhere you go.

 Create bold, electrifying looks with these matte and shimmer shadows. With our feathery formula, the colors meld seamlessly. Not only are they buildable and rich, but they are also super kind to sensitive skin.

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