May 18 2021

Top 5 Eyeliner Trends and How to Get Them

Eyeliner trends

Eyeliner is booming right now.

For a while, a lot of us thought of eyeliner as an accessory to eyeshadow. Or, at least, we did. But all of the crazy unique trends have us thinking differently. Butterfly wings? Neon pink wings? Goth bat wings? 

 It looks like eyeliner is stealing the show. 

If you’re falling behind on the trends like we were, don’t worry. We did the work for you. 

We researched which styles were the most popular — and which ones look like they’re here to stay. This list covers 5 of the trendiest eyeliner looks and how to get them using our $6 Eye Crayon

(Yup, that’s right. Trendy and affordable.)

Winged eyeliner

winged eyeliner


We’ve all heard of winged eyeliner by now.

It’s been on the up and up for a couple of years now, worn by celebrities on the red carpet and, well, pretty much everyone else. Winged liner is soft glam, perfect for when you want to take your look up a notch.

Worn alone or with eyeshadow, wings can make your eyes look bigger and make your lashes look thicker. It also just adds drama to your overall look — and, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want that?

Winged liner is super versatile and can be altered to fit different eye shapes. From hooded eyes to round eyes, wings can be drawn straight or curved up to flatter your unique eye shape.

To get a gorgeous, pearly winged liner, grab our Eye Crayon in literally any color. Just run the tip along your upper lash line, and flick the color outwards. With the creamy formula and crayon-like applicator, creating the wing is insanely easy — and it looks good every time.

Colored eyeliner

Colored eyeliner

Via @beautyby_lani on Instagram

With summer coming up fast, colored liner is the way to go.

Using a bright color on your lash line can elevate your look with little to no effort. Because it’s statement-making enough on its own, colored eyeliner is typically paired with simple black mascara — the contrast between vivid color and bold black looks crazy good on everyone.

Opting for a colored liner is definitely for the brave and bold makeup-wearers out there. If you love being in the spotlight, this trend is definitely the one for you.

When choosing a color, it’s important to know what shades look best with your eye color. That way you can live colorfully while also making your eyes pop.

Try the Eye Crayon shades “Burgundy,” “Electric Blue,” “Silver,” and “Greenwich V” for a splash of color. These buildable crayons are super pigmented, so you can go as soft or intense as you want.

Goth eyeliner

Goth eyeliner

Via @easyneon on Instagram

Goth liner is making a huge comeback — and for good reason.

This liner is made up of bold lines and deep blacks and reds. It’s an awesome form of self-expression that never goes unnoticed.

Some people do fun shapes, like lightning bolts or bat wings, while others keep it simple. Either way, your makeup looks sassy and iconic.

A lot of goth makeup looks mix black and red which gives off a soft vampire vibe. Our “Burgundy” Eye Crayon is perfect for this look. Just smudge the crayon on your lid and lower lash line and blend out. Pair the smoky red with your favorite black liquid liner and bam! You’re a goth queen.

Pro tip: grab our TSQ Girl False Eyelashes and the Moisturizing Lipstick in “Wine” to complete this burgundy goth makeup look!

Butterfly eyeliner

Butterfly eyeliner


The latest craze: butterfly eyeliner.

This style is popping up all over socials — mainly TikTok. And why wouldn’t it be popular? It’s freaking adorable.

“Butterfly eyeliner” means literally drawing butterfly wings on the outer corner of your eyes. Sure, it seems like an out-there idea, but it’s totally beautiful and unique.

The wings can be as subtle or strong as you want. Some people draw the wings across their entire eye. Some stick to just the outer corner. It all depends on how much of a statement you’re trying to make.

With this liner, bold colors (like “Electric Blue” and “Greenwich V”) are usually the way to go.

But a gentle pink, like “Passionate Pink,” can create pretty, goddess-like butterfly wings, too. Use the crayon as the base color for your wings. Outline the shape of a butterfly wing on the outer corner of your eyes, and fill in the details with a black felt-tip eyeliner. This shimmery pink is the perfect color for your delicate wings.

Graphic eyeliner

Graphic liner never disappoints.

This one is all about the cut crease and bright colors. It’s sort of a mix between colored eyeliner and something more… daring.

Relatively simple yet breathtaking, graphic eyeliner adds an edge to your look. So, if you’re looking for a way to shake things up, try this liner — it’ll definitely do the trick.

Use our “Electric Blue” Eye Crayon to get straight lines while adding an awesome pop of blue. There are a couple of ways to jump on this trend:

1. Gently line it across your upper lash line, create a wing up to your crease, and follow your crease to your cornea. Here, the wing and the line you’ve created in your crease are connected.

Graphic eyeliner


2. Repeat the same steps above, but do NOT connect the wing and crease line — instead, leave the negative space.

Graphic eyeliner

Via @makeupbycaitz on Instagram

3. Instead of lining your upper lash line, line your lower lash line. Trace your crease from your cornea to your outer corner, and create a floating wing there

Graphic eyeliner


No matter which one you go for, you’ll look fresh and fabulous.

Eyeliner just keeps growing and changing — and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. Play with it and find your favorite style! But most importantly, never be afraid to go bold. A unique liner is the perfect way to express yourself and your style.

So get out there and make a statement.

We can’t wait to see the eyeliner looks you create with our Eye Crayon! Be sure to upload pics to socials, use the hashtag #m2unyc, and tag us @m2unyc!


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