November 07 2023

8 Makeup Tips to Try if You Have Hooded Eyes

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If you’re reading this, chances are, you already know you have hooded eyes.

Hooded eyes can be a little stubborn. Since most of your eyelids are hidden, it can be hard to show off your amazing eyeshadow looks. And, depending on the colors you use and where, they can smear and smudge your shadow, making it look muddy and messy.

 It can be frustrating, but having hooded eyes doesn’t mean you have to give up on your eye makeup. And you don’t have to sacrifice styles or trends, either.

All you have to do is adjust your technique a little.

We’ve created a list of things to do when it comes to makeup for hooded eyes — so you’ll know exactly how to make your eyes look bigger, brighter, wider, and more open.

But in case you don’t know what they are or aren’t sure whether or not you have them, let’s talk about what hooded eyes are.

What are hooded eyes?

Basically, hooded eyes are caused by an extra layer of skin underneath the brow bone.

When your eyes are open, this skin droops down over your eyelid, essentially tucking your lid into your crease. This facial feature makes it a little difficult to see your eye makeup since most of it disappears into your deep-set crease when your eyes are fully open.

The easiest way to tell if you have hooded eyes is by examining them in the mirror. If you can’t see your natural crease or your eyelid when your eyes are open, you likely have hooded eyes.

People with hooded eyes are quick to think they’re a bad thing, or that they’re more high maintenance — they’re not! Sure, it takes some time to learn the techniques that work with your eye shape. But we all have different eye shapes. Hooded eyes are just a beautiful part of who you are and what you look like.

And, with these new tricks, your eye makeup can still look stunning and bright.

Hooded eye makeup

When it comes to making hooded eyes look bigger, brighter, and more defined, there are some universal do’s (and some don’ts) you should follow when applying your makeup.

Do: use primer.
A primer is super important for hooded eyes. It keeps your shadows in place and prevents creasing and smudging.

Hooded eyes tend to fold on themselves, instantly smearing eyeshadow and liner. With a primer, your eye makeup will stay in place no matter what.

Primers also enhance pigment and extend the life of your shadow looks, so you won’t have to worry about touch-ups.

Psst — try our award-winning Eye Primer for just $10.

Do: create a NEW crease.
This is probably the most important step in adding depth and definition to your eyes. When applying shadow into your crease, apply a little above your actual crease. By doing this, you’re opening up your eye, making it look wider and more open.

If you apply shadow into your natural crease, it’ll disappear beneath your brow bone when your eyes are open. And since it’s stuck there with no room to breathe, it’ll crease and smudge throughout the day.

hooded eye makeup tips

Via Charlotta Eve

Do: blend upwards.
When applying shadow to your outer corner, push the color upwards towards the tail of your eyebrow. This will give a subtle lift to your eyes and make them look less hooded. It’ll also help to show off your makeup look!

Blending downwards will close up your eyes, making them appear droopy and tired — this is exactly what we’re trying to avoid!

hooded eye makeup tips

Via City Beauty

Do: use dark colors on the outside, light colors on the inside.
If all else fails, use lighter colors on your inner corners, and darker colors on your outer corners. By just remembering this simple trick, you’ll add a lot of dimension to your hooded eyes, making them appear bigger and brighter.

Applying dark colors across your lid and into your inner corners will make your eyes look smaller and less bright.

This rule applies to shadow under your eyes (along your lower lash line), too!

The soft brown shades in our BKB palette ($14) are great for creating a light-to-dark gradient across your eyelids!

hooded eye makeup tips

Via L’Oreal Paris

Do: tightline your UPPER waterline.
Yeah, some people consider tightlining a thing of the past. But, applied in the right ways, it can be really helpful in making eyes appear wider, and more awake.

Tightlining the upper waterline with black or brown liner adds subtle depth to the eyes. It can also make your lashes look thicker. To make your eyes look bigger (and to add some pop), tightline your lower waterline with a white liner.

When it comes to hooded eyes, avoid tightlining your lower waterline with dark colors. While this trick can be helpful for other eye shapes, it tends to make hooded eyes look smaller and more droopy.

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hooded eye makeup tips

Via Beautylish

Do: highlight your inner corners.
This quick and easy trick takes eye makeup up to a whole new level. By putting a light shimmer or matte shade in your inner corners, you immediately open up and brighten the eyes.

Highlighting the inner corners can also add dimension to your eyes, making you look more striking and awake. It’ll give you a doe-eyed look and balance the rest of your shadow shades.

P.S. — our Pearl St. and Champagne Eye Crayons ($8) are perfect for inner corner highlight.

hooded eye makeup tips

Do: apply a thin top liner.
If you’re one to apply top liner, go for a super thin line.

Because the eyelid is mostly hidden, a thin liner allows room for the shadow to be seen when your eyes are open. It also keeps the eye from looking too dark, which can make hooded eyes look more closed and tired.

Heavy, thick liner doesn’t work because it covers all of the visible lid — it’s the only thing you see when you open your eyes. It’s also more prone to smudging because the liner will rub against itself when you open your eyes.

hooded eye makeup tips


Do: apply mascara to your bottom lashes.
A lot of people avoid putting mascara on their bottom lashes. But the truth is, it makes eyes look bigger, bolder, and more full.

Adding mascara to your top and bottom lashes opens up hooded eyes, effectively banishing droopiness. It can also add volume to your lower lashes, which helps to add intensity and definition.

At a super affordable price ($12 for full size and $7 for mini), our best-selling Tubing Mascara can help you upgrade your makeup game without even coming close to breaking the bank.

hooded eye makeup tips

Via HaHa Sthlm

There are more tips out there but this list of do’s is tried and true, easy for all, and gives the instant satisfaction of big, wide eyes.

It’s important to learn about and try new techniques geared towards your specific eye shape. Just because your hooded eyes look a little different, doesn’t mean they’re any less beautiful.

Make them pop by practicing these tricks — they deserve to be shown off!

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